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Lion Attack

Left Chest Logo

Do you have a brand that you want to grow more? You have often seen big brands put their logos on t-shirts, polos, and jackets. This will increase the brand's visibility to the audience. Left Chest Digitizing is the most common and popular way to put your logos on t-shirts and different apparel. So, the left chest is the best placement area to stitch out your designs. Here at Dive in digitizing, we are providing you with high-quality left-chest digitizing. We take your design into images of any format and provide the digitized left chest design to you that you can use to stitch it out on any kind of apparel like t-shirts, jackets. You'll definitely stand out among others.


3D Caps and Hat Logo

You have ever seen some people stand out in the large crowd through his unique and eye-catching caps and hats. Cap digitizing is an emerging and popular embroidery but it is quite difficult and different as compared to other designs because of its curvy shape. You can get your caps personalized with your designs from Dive in digitizing. We'll digitize your design to stitch out your design on your caps easily, with our help and guidance you can customize your caps and hats as you want with the designs that will be digitized by experienced digitizers.

Elephant Applique Design

Applique Logo

Here at dive in digitizing providing the best applique digitizing service for your design online. Our team members have delivered lots of applique designs to the customer and we proudly say that our customers are satisfied with our work. We provide amazing artwork that our team members digitized for our valuable clients. The process of applique digitizing is great because you can use less stitches and can add your own color fabric with it during sewing which gives your designs an amazing look and feel. You will always get high quality applique digitized every time because of our consistency.


Jacket BacK Logo

Dive in Digitizing provided you a Customize Jacket Back Digitized Files like other services. You have a jacket without any logo? and it’s looks simple or Dull without any design on back side or do you want it a look fantastic so don’t worry if you have any kind of design and want to stitch out on Jacket Back feel free send us for customization, we will digitize it for you so you can easily stitch out on your Jacket Back making jacket look more beautiful & prominent after wearing it. Jacket Back design is digitized with hard density & with Bigger Size to cover the Back area of Jackets. In cold weather mostly people use a lot of jacket styles but if there is no design on the back side of the Jacket so it looks dull without any design on the jacket back that’s why mostly people want to wear Embroidery Design Jacket.

Different Batch Patches


Get your fully amazing and perfect patches that will turn your customer's brand that will touch the sky, Patches are slightly raised texture that can be applied with heat and pressure. We provide you custom patches at best rates and with high quality at reasonable prices. We designed custom patches for bags, Caps, jackets, fashionable uniforms and other purposes.


Free Standing Lace Logo

Have you experienced some kind of design that works on the special stabilizer? Have you ever heard about the Free-Standing Lace which is an embroidery design that is stitched on a specific and special kind of stabilizer that can easily dissolve into warm water? We have already designed and delivered thousands of standing laces to our customers. We can proudly say that our customers are happy with our work and come again with new designs. We digitized FSL at very reasonable rates, our experienced digitizer ensures that quality should be maintained for every design.

Tornado Keytab

Key Tab Logo

Have you ever seen Embroidery KEY TAB or Key Fob design? Yes, Dive in Digitizing also provided this unique Key Tab or Key Fob digitizing designs machine files. If you have any logo and you want to convert into the Key Tab or Key Fob for your Car key, Home Door Key or any other key hanging so feel free send us your design we will digitize it as a key tab design for you after that you can use insert key hanging in the Key tab and also your Key in the Key hanging so the set will be complete and looks literally more beautiful. By this unique idea you can use Key tab design for your company shops advertisement as well as for a Gift for your family and Friends.


Vector Logo

As we are providing different types of great service, another service we are offering for our customer is the vector art work. We also do vector designs ,Color Separation, Vector Tracing and provide you PSD, AI,PNG,EPS,SVG,PDF,JPEG or any other formats that you want. We also provide unlimited reviews for this as well as it is our policy to provide best work of any type and fulfill customers need.

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